Just a few years ago, smartphones for some seemed to be a strange gadget that won't find recognition in the eyes of consumers. Time has shown that these devices from year to year are becoming more and more important for people around the world, and in fact at this moment it is hard to imagine our everyday life without having a device of this type. This can be proven by the numbers of sold smartphones. Most of companies regularly break their records of sold units of devices - a few days ago we informed about Samsung's record related to pre-orders for Galaxy S10 model, and today the Chinese company Huawei has boasted with its results.

Richard Yu, executive director and general manager of Huawei, confirmed that his company sold 10 million units of Huawei Mate 20. This goal was achieved in just 5 months. Certainly Huawei included to this number previously sold units of Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, but we do not know if Huawei included in the statistics also sales data of the Mate 20 Lite version presented a few months earlier, although the record itself is impressive. A Chinese company can be sure that its future is great, and its goal is to fight for customers with giants - Apple and Samsung.