Quite recently, a serious competitor to Instagram and Snapchat appeared on the market. Obviously we're talking about TikTok. Currently, however, TikTok is in a big troubles, especially when it comes to the operation of this application on the US market. The problems of a Chinese entrepreneur is a good opportunity for Facebook. That's why firm is introducing changes in the operation of Instagram. The latest modifications in the application are to make Instagram will fight for customers directly with TikTok.

A bookmark called "Reels" has been introduced in Instagram on area of India. By entering it, Instagram's users can watch short recordings and currently Facebook employees are very much focused on the development of this column, because they want to take advantage of the moment of TikTok's weakness and encourage users to use Instagram. To promote its new section, Instagram is also testing a new app home screen layout. You can see all of the tested variants in the photo above. It's easy to see that Instagram wants to put icons in the main navigation bar for the new "Reels" section, but firm also wants to add a quick redirect to column responsible for shopping via Instagram.