Streaming of music and videos became very popular thanks to such services as Spotify or Netflix. In the near future companies like Disney and Apple want to intensify their activities in this market, but there are still areas where streaming has not been used, despite the fact that they have great potential. Video games is one of these markets, and companies are closely watching it. One of the first services related to video games will be Project xCloud, which is developed by Microsoft.

In practice, Project xCloud will work in a similar way to gaming consoles. Users will be able to turn on the game on different devices, which won't need to have a high-end specification, because the most important part of whole process is going to be done on Microsoft's servers. In the video presented by Microsoft we can see how Forza Horizon 4 will operate under this service. Project xCloud will also support various types of devices allowing for more comfortable playing, including controllers from stationary consoles. What is clear, Microsoft believes in the success of its project, but company thinks that playing in the cloud will only be an addition to the market of stationary consoles. As firm previously announced, Project xCloud is expected to debut by the end of this year.