Today Motorola has unveiled its new device - Motorola Moto C. Although phone doesn't present anything special in topic of specs, the company has made sure that the phone is available at an affordable price.

Motorola Moto C has 5-inch display, 1GB of RAM, MediaTek MTK6737M processor, 16GB of internal storage plus microSD slot, 2350mAh battery, 5mpx main camera, 2mpx front camera and DualSIM option. Motorola also presented extended version of the phone named Moto C Plus, which has bigger display (720p resolution instead of 854x480px), batter main camera (8mpx instead of 5mpx) and more capacious battery (4000mAh instead of 2350mAh).

Taking into account the current standards on the market, phone looks average, and main advantage of this device is price - standard version will cost 89 euro, and Moto C Plus will cost 119 euro.