Nintendo is one of the few large companies on the market that has no plans to create their own smartphone. Mainly this may be caused by large demand for portable consoles of this company, but it does not mean that the company completely cuts away from the mobile market. Already some time ago the first smartphone game created by Nintendo (Super Mario Run) appeared on the market and also premiere of Mario Kart Tour is planned for the coming months. It turns out, however, that this is not the end of Nintendo's plans related to smartphones. There is a chance that a Japanese company will release a special smartphone case that will change our device into GameBoy, a cult console from years ago.

Nintendo has registered a new patent in the United States, which has been described as a case for devices with a touchscreen. According to the published photos, back of the device is planned to be uncovered and the front of the phone will look similar to GameBoy. The keys placed on the case are to work with the device's touch screen, and on the smaller part of screen phone will show game. We don't know if Nintendo will actually decide to release this case on the market. So far, all plans regarding this etui are limited to submitting an idea to the office.