Huawei's problems related to the activity in the US market also affect the manufacturer's operations in other countries. The company has received a lot of prohibitions, which significantly hinder the implementation of previously planned investitions. Huawei was supposed to be one of the most important infrastructure providers necessary to build a 5G network in Europe, and due to the company's problems, this may result in delaying the order by 18 months and an increase in costs by as much as 62 billion $. Problems of the Chinese company may be a chance for HMD, as it is said that Nokia plans to create its own 5G network in Europe.

HMD informs that the company is ready to implement a solution allowing for the deployment of equipment necessary to support 5G connectivity to the infrastructure that has been operating on 4G so far. This would help reduce the costs of adapting companies to 5G. In addition, Nokia boasted that in the last week company moved ahead of Huawei in terms of the amount of all orders related with 5G connectivity.