Despite the fact that initially OnePlus did not want to take a stand on the possible production of OnePlus 6T model, at this moment premiere of this device can be considered as certain. There are already many leaks on the Internet about new OnePlus's phone, including the photo of the box in which the smartphone will be sold, and today company's bosses presented a lock screen that will appear on the phone. This photo theoretically doesn't say much, but we can deduce from it two interesting messages.

First information, more obvious, is that OnePlus 6T will have in-display fingerprint scanner. This function is proved by special icon on the bottom of lock screen which appeared on the Internet. Apart from fingerprint scanner OnePlus 6T will have also Face Unlock feature, which was first added to "younger brother" of upcoming model, so OnePlus 6. Second information is connected with date which appeared on photo - we can guess that it isn't accidental, and we think that date on screenshot is date of OnePlus 6T's premiere. If that's true, then new OnePlus will appear on market on 17th of October.