Leaks regarding the OnePlus' smartwatch have appeared on the Internet for some time. However, little attention was paid to the OnePlus band, which was unexpectedly officially presented by the Chinese manufacturer. Let's meet OnePlus Band.

OnePlus Band is a band that is intended to be a direct rival to the Mi Band bands created by Xiaomi. OnePlus Band received a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 294x126px. This display allows you to set one of 37 OnePlus Band dedicated dials, 5 of which are pre-installed on the band. The band is very light - it weighs less than 23 grams including the rubber band. The band, of course, also offers special modes for sports, and it is also waterproof. OnePlus Band can be connected to the official OnePlus Health app available on the Google Play Store. For now, we only know the price of OnePlus Band in India. After conversion, it is approximately 35$.