Rumors that have recently appeared on the Internet indicate that the plans of OnePlus for this year are impressive. The company apparently works on three new phones, and it has been assumed that one of them will be a foldable telephone. Chief executive officer of OnePlus, Pete Lau, took the floor in this matter. He told a bit about what the company wants to present in the nearest future. There is no foldable telephone in this group.

Pete Lau justified the company's decision that foldable screen, despite its potential, currently offers nothing special compared to standard smartphones. In addition, a large disadvantage of this type of phones is their high price. Instead, the company prefers to focus on standard smartphones, and in addition, OnePlus is working on its own TV with a "smart" screen. So far, Pete Lau didn't announce when their TV set may go on sale, but he confirmed that works on this type of device are underway.