OnePlus no longer hides that the latest flagships of its own production will soon appear on the market. This was confirmed by administrator's posts on the official forum of OnePlus. Today on the same website we noticed an interesting post. It turns out that OnePlus wants to give away its latest flagship to ten users who will be able to receive it before the official launch of the device. However, there is a catch.

The catch is the phone review you need to make after receiving your unit. If this review wouldn't meet the requirements of OnePlus, the phone will have to be returned to manufacturer. Later, three best reviews written by users will be published on official OnePlus' profiles on the Internet, and testers will be required to have an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) after three weeks of using their device. For now, we don't know exactly which smartphone will be sent for review, but most likely it will be the strongest edition of the new OnePlus' flagship, so 8 Pro variant. If you want to learn more about new OnePlus' project, please visit the Chinese manufacturer's forum.