We can still look on 5G support for telephones as a curiosity, because most of smartphones on market are not able to support 5G, as well as most antennas so far is only adapted to 4G. However, firms are trying to slowly improve reach of 5G network, and network of this quality itself brings many benefits. Oppo wants to show clients what 5G allows through an unusual marketing idea. The company has created a hotel where the room can be fully operated via the Oppo Reno smartphone, which supports 5G.

The room was called by the manufacturer a hotel, but it is actually a 12-meter container. Among the more interesting functions, rooms in it are distinguished by voice control, a special gaming room using 5G network, intelligent mirrors which allow among others for reading newspapers in the mirror and augmented reality thanks to which we can check how the clothes will look on our body without the need to acutally dress them. The hotel is expected to visit several Australian cities during August, and a night in such a hotel will cost 150 Australian dollars. Interestingly, all proceeds from this marketing campaign will be donated to charity.