A few months ago Apple was the object of attacks from customers' side due to the scandal with an intentional slowing the work of phones that had old batteries. Apple tried to explain that it was a deliberate action which had to improve the life of the phone, but customers didn't approve this decision, because in their opinion this action forced iPhone owners to replace batteries in their devices. As part of the compensation, Apple has reduced the price of battery replacement, but if you plan to do it - better hurry up.

On the Internet appeared information that Apple at the end of 2018 plans to end the promotion for battery replacement. At the moment, you need to pay 29$ for replacing the battery, while this service cost 79$ earlier, so the difference is quite big. In new year prices will not return to the level from the previous months, because it looks that we will have to pay 49$ for replacing the batteries in older iPhones, and the most expensive will be the replacement of the battery in iPhone X - in this case the replacement will cost 69$.