In 2018, the European Union, and specifically its competition law department, imposed a fine on Qualcomm in the amount of nearly 1 billion of euro. The reason was to work with Apple, which did not meet the standards of fair competition on the market. According to Apple reports, at that time, for receiving the appropriate payment, it undertook to cooperate with Qualcomm in terms of the modems used at the expense of other manufacturers, such as Intel. The allegations concern the period from 2011 to 2016. Ultimately, however, by a decision of the Court of Justice, the previously published judgment was annulled after Qualcomm's appeal.

In the opinion of the European Court, the decision of the European Commission was based in the first place on procedural irregularities in the court proceedings. Another argument supporting the decision to cancel the imposed penalty is the analysis of the potential violation of fair competition on the market. According to the Court, Apple at that time did not have a chance to use competitive solutions from other companies, because from the technical side on the market there were no alternatives available on the market in relation to Qualcomm units. The European Commission however may appeal against the decision of the Court of Justice of the EU.