Realme has won the recognition of many customers when it comes to the smartphone market. However, the company is serious about debuting also in other parts of the electronics market. It's no secret that the Chinese company is working very hard on its proprietary laptop. Initially, it was said that a laptop from Realme could appear on the market in June this year. However, the latest information indicates that it will happen a bit later. Newest rumors say that Realme will present its laptop in third quarter of this year.

Moreover, Realme has launched a special survey in which the company collects information from customers about the laptops they currently have. The survey asked questions about the features that customers believe a laptop should have. A question was also asked in what price range the laptop should be and the brand of the laptop users currently have. So far, however, Realme has not confirmed any date on which we should expect the launch of the laptop from the Chinese company.