Riot Games is a company that has gained popularity mainly due to the creation of League of Legends, but that's not all. Another popular title created by this producer is Valorant, which uses, among others, well-known mechanics from Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. For now, the game is only available for computers, but the Riot Games company mentions loudly that in the near future there will be game ports for consoles and smartphones.

Riot Games executive producer Anna Donlon mentioned that during the first year after the game's release, the company's main goal was to gain respect among FPS players around the world. It can be considered that the goal has been achieved, and in the future, Riot Games wants to increase the number of players regularly participating in the clashes in Valorant. A great idea aimed at reaching new groups of players is to create a variant of the game with smartphones in mind, but so far we do not know when this version of the game can hit the market and how exactly the controls will look like in game.