Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 began on 8th of March, and from this day the phone is available for purchase in about 70 countries, and by the end of this month it will be available in more than 130 markets. Data regarding the sale of this phone's family after the official launch date of smartphones has not yet been published, but instead Samsung has unveiled the data collected on the basis of pre-release orders. Based on the statistics we can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S10 aroused considerable interest among customers.

According to data provided by Samsung, phones from the Galaxy S10 series have broken the record of pre-orders in two countries that are important markets for the company - in the United States and in Great Britain. In both markets, the new flagship devices of Samsung achieved the same percentage of pre-release orders from all pre-release orders on a given market. Being more specific, three devices from the Galaxy S10 series achieved 57% of all pre-orders on both markets. The sale of phones in South Korea, so on market from which Samsung originates, looks completely different. The number of pre-ordered phones from Galaxy S10 series is lower than in case of Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9.