Despite the fact that on the smartphone market there are devices that support cameras under screens, this solution is still not used in top phones. All because of the quality of photos taken with lenses placed under the screen. Such solutions, however, are useful in using some of the phone's functions, and for this reason, Samsung has patented its new project consisting in combining two lenses placed under the phone's screen.

The developed Samsung solution is to use both lenses to take multiple photos of the user from many angles. Later, the phone will make a special 3D model based on the photos, which will then be used to authorize the user when unlocking the phone by recognizing the face of the phone owner. In addition, an additional factor to protect the phone against unauthorized unlocking would be the verification of the pupil, the size of which changes in different ways in people under the influence of specific lighting conditions. The relevant patent for the solution was to be submitted by Samsung in March 2021.