In the case of the previous series of flagships from Samsung, i.e. the Galaxy S22 series, we did not get a fan version of the smartphone. The reason was the poor availability of components on the market. The future of the Galaxy S23 FE phone was also uncertain. It turns out, however, that Samsung will probably release this smartphone on the market, and what's more - it will probably happen surprisingly soon.

Samsung wants to accelerate the potential launch of the Galaxy S23 FE phone. It would take place at the end of June or in July. The company would like to present a fan model of its flagship before the premiere of new foldable smartphones, which will premiere at the turn of July and August. The main reason for the acceleration of the launch of this phone is the unsatisfactory sales of the flagship phones from the Galaxy S23 series, which is about 20% lower than the initial predictions of analysts.