Protecting our phone is a very important topic. Currently, we carry a lot of information in our smartphones, which in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage to us. It is worth keeping this in mind when determining how we want to unlock the phone, because it has been proven that even face unlocking promoted by many manufacturers can be unreliable. Samsung is working on a new way in which we will be able to unlock the phone and at least on paper it is a very interesting idea that can be quickly copied by other companies.

Samsung's new idea assumes that when entering the PIN to protect the phone, the device would verify the fingerprint that enters the password using a fingerprint reader. This solution has already been patented by a South Korean company, but the correct operation of the security in a comfortable way for the user depends on how large the fingerprint reader built into the screen can be developed. If Samsung manages to create a fingerprint reader covering most of the screen, then company's new idea may be a hit.