The ongoing pandemic also affects the mobile market, but the organizers of Mobile World Congress have been announcing for several weeks that they are planning to organize the fair this year in a stationary manner. Participants will have to take a test for coronavirus and if the result is negative, they will be able to take part in the MWC. However, they will have to repeat the tests every 3 days. Companies, however, prefer to be safe than sorry, so more and more companies resign from participating in the MWC through a stationary presentation.

We already know that representatives of such companies as Sony, Nokia, Ericsson or Google will not appear at the event in stationary way, but that's not all. The latest information concerns Samsung, which also withdraws from participation in Mobile World Congress 2021, but this only applies to participation in a stationary manner. The company still announces that it will take part in the MWC by organizing a remote presentation. This decision is based on safety reasons, taking into account the health of the event participants.