LG at CES 2018 presented its 65-inch TV, which is distinguished by a rollable screen. At the time, no one expected that exactly the same technology developed by LG would also be useful for other companies. As reported by the latest rumors, Sony is planning to release a phone from the Xperia series that would use the same technology, and the screen for this device would be made by LG.

This phone is still in the development phase, but on the Internet appeared first rumors about its potential specification. Journalists say about Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor along with the X50 modem that allows for using 5G connectivity and the camera with a 10x zoom. Until now it is unknown whether it is a 10x optical zoom or the producers think about using the hybrid version. In addition, there is also mention about potential battery capacity (3220mAh). If this project will be confirmed, its premiere may take place in December this year or at the beginning of 2020.