The coming year in the world of mobile phones will consist mainly of the presentation of devices supporting the 5G network and foldable devices which will look a bit like tablets in their "full" form. One of the first companies which presented their solution for screen of a folding phone was Samsung, which has already presented the prototype of the screen that will probably be used in this smartphone. Other companies also plan to create a similar device, and one of such companies is Sony. We received information which indicates that Sony has found an unusual way to stand out from the crowd. It is said that Sony wants to create a transparent screen of the phone.

Sony has already patented this idea, but as we know, reserving a patent does not mean that such a product will appear on the market. This solution will depend on the installed software, so that each user will be able to choose in the options whether he or she wants to use a transparent screen or not. This choice will certainly be appreciated by users especially during sunny days, when use of a transparent screen could be significantly more difficult. As for now, we don't know anything about the potential date of presentation of a foldable Sony's device, but it is possible that it will be available on market after 2019.