Less than a month remains until the official premiere of PlayStation 5. It turns out that this date may not necessarily be final in some countries. Sony is currently having some problems in India, where firm can't register its trademark.

In October 2019, Hitesh Aswani, one of the residents of Delhi, registered a trademark which is the name PS5. It turns out that he was faster than Sony, which applied for registration of its trademark in India in February 2020. At the moment, the case has been brought to court in India and it is not known when problem will be solved. Of course, Sony doesn't intend to change the name of its console in one market, so it is possible that the company will decide to postpone the launch of its console in India. It is worth noting that since the premiere of the console, it is still not possible to place pre-orders for the new Sony console in India. It is possible that this fact is caused by the ongoing dispute between Sony and Aswani.