SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic has an impact on practically every aspect of human life, including when it comes to our work. The pandemic hits also the music market, as artists are forced to cancel their concerts and worldwide tours, which ultimately translates into gigantic financial losses. With a certain idea to help artists in difficult times comes the well-known streaming platform - Spotify.

Spotify in cooperation with its partners (MusiCares, PRS Foundation and Help Musicans) organizes an action called Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief. Firm launched special site where listeners can make donations that will be forwarded to artists who have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Spotify will make an additional "dollar for dollar" deposit to each payment from their audience until it accumulates 10 million of dollars. Importantly, the entire amount collected will go directly to the musicians and no additional fees will be charged by the organizers. In addition, the streaming platform will allow artists to create their own fund-raiser targeted directly at their fans.