In October, one of the most popular keyboards available, the SwiftKey developed by Microsoft, disappeared from the iPhone application store. The company, however, did not announce that this product would disappear from the AppStore and it happened suddenly. The more interesting is the fact that after a few weeks the application finally returned to the application store and is again available for download.

As Microsoft spokeswoman Caitlin Roulston said, due to customer requests to restore SwiftKey to the AppStore, the application was finally published again in store. However, it is worth paying attention to the status of its update, because the latest version comes from 11th of August 2021. So it turns out that the SwiftKey variant for iOS has not been updated for over a year and so far we do not know exactly what plans Microsoft has related to this keyboard. For now, the application is available for download from the AppStore, and Microsoft will probably speak about any plans for update of the application in the future.