Initially, Huawei's activities were problematic only for the United States government, which means that the company has to deal with many restrictions imposed by the authorities of this country. Later, however, the company felt these restrictions even more, as countries cooperating with the United States also decided to impose restrictions on Huawei. One of such countries is the United Kingdom, which has announced that it will resign from previously used Huawei parts in the country. All Huawei devices are planned to be removed by 2027 and we already know how much such a decision will cost Great Britain.

Assembly Research estimated that abandoning already used accessories from Huawei will cost the UK over 18.2 billion of pounds. Victor Zhang, vice president of Huawei reacted to the results of the research. In his opinion, the decision of the United States government had a very strong impact on the economy of Great Britain and such a decision caused the United Kingdom lost its leading position when it comes to expanding the 5G network around the world, and the country itself will not use its full potential in the coming years.