TikTok is an app especially popular among young people. Often, however, users do not control how long they use the application, which is especially dangerous for minors. For this reason, TikTok introduces changes to its application that are particularly intended to affect the use of the application by minors.

By default, for underage users, the application will set a limit of 60 minutes per day when it comes to using it. The limit of 1 hour per day for using the application was agreed with experts from Boston Children's Hospital. However, this limit can be changed in the settings. TikTok will also add a time management option for parents of users, so that after the set limit is reached, the password required to continue using TikTok on a given day will appear in the application. Parents will also be able to restrict the sending of notifications to their children. TikTok will also add the ability to control the time spent in the application for all users, so that after a user-specified time, the application will display a message about exceeding the set limit and recommend turning off the application.