Information about the collection of user data by the TikTok application and its potential transfer to the Chinese government has been appearing for a long time. For this reason, the application is under discussion in the United States. Fearing about the security of residents' data, changes have been introduced regarding the use of the TikTok application in one of the states in the United States.

It is about the state of Montana, where from 1st of January 2024, according to the regulation, the limitation of the use of TikTok is to officially enter into force. Residents will still be able to use the application and any penalties will not apply to users. However, it will be forbidden to make the TikTok application available in stores, hence in the event of continuing to make the application available for download, owners of the TikTok application will be subject to penalties of 10 000$ for each day that the application is available in application stores. We can expect TikTok to appeal to the court regarding the new regulations.