The year 2020 will bring changes in the aspect of Samsung's flagship phones. For now, producer officially announced changes in the names of its phones. During the CES 2020, Samsung officially confirmed that the latest phones from Galaxy series will create a new smartphone line called Galaxy S20, but this is not the end of the announced changes. The names will also be changed in the series of Samsung's foldable phones.

The latest foldable Samsung phone will be named Galaxy Z Flip. It is possible that the change results from diametrical differences in the shape of the phone in comparision to previous model, because second Samsung's foldable phone will resemble old flip phones, just like the renewed version of Motorola Razr. The exact specification of the phone is not known yet, but more and more journalists inform that Galaxy Z Flip is going to receive Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, but so far these reports haven't been officially confirmed.