WhatsApp has been purchased by Facebook some time ago. The company announced that despite the purchase of one of the most popular communicators on the market, data of clients will not be exchanged between existing applications, but the future turned out to be different. For some time now, user activity on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has been intertwining more and more and it will likely become even more visible in the future. This is indicated, among others, by changes to the privacy policy of users using WhatsApp.

When entering the application, users will receive a message that the new WhatsApp privacy policy will be implemented on 8th of February. From that date, some data of users using WhatsApp will be transferred to other Facebook applications. This applies, among other things, to your purchase history through WhatsApp or your e-mail address and telephone number. It is possible that these changes were to some extent forced on Facebook by tightening privacy laws, among others in the European Union. If you do not accept the new WhatsApp rules until 8th of February, then access to the application from your account will be blocked until you accept the regulations.