Xiaomi is a company that has built its power mainly on the basis of phones production, but in fact a strong position on the market also results from making many other useful accessories. The Chinese entrepreneur is known for creating various items, including those related to equipping smart homes or taking care of your health. If you have a lot of time to exercise and you want to keep it unusual, the new Xiaomi's gadget may be perfect for you.

Xiaomi has developed its own intelligent hula hoop. This gadget was developed thanks to a crowdfunding fundraising through the Youpin platform. The price of an intelligent hula hoop is expected to be around 29$, and as part of the crowdfunding collection, it was possible to buy hula hoops for 19$. The sensors installed in the hula hoop will allow you to read the number of rotations made in real time, the speed at which the gadget rotates, and in addition, using the application on the phone we will be able to see tips on our training, where Xiaomi will also show us sample recordings showing correctly performed exercises.