The US government's conflict with Chinese companies has been going on for some time. There was quite a lot of media coverage about the sanctions imposed on Huawei, but it is not the only company whose activity in the United States was significantly limited. This was also true of a big company like Xiaomi, but finally Xiaomi was removed from the US government's blacklist.

In November 2020, former US President Donald Trump described Xiaomi as a communist company that works with the Chinese government. Xiaomi quickly responded by bringing the case to court in January 2021. Talks are currently underway between both parties, and although the final regulations to solve the problem have not yet been established, Xiaomi has now been removed from the blacklist in the United States. This means that from now on, Xiaomi is no longer considered a company that threatens the security of the USA. Final details of the agreement between the sides are scheduled to be agreed by 20th of May.