The demand for masks protecting our faces is high. Not only are we now threatened by air pollution, but also in the world there is a significant problem about the new coronavirus that has increased the demand for such masks even more. Electronics can help us in the fight against coronavirus, especially when devices such as intelligent protective masks will appear on the market. Such a device has been patented by Xiaomi.

In addition to the standard filter, intelligent masks created by Xiaomi will have special sensors collecting information about the air around us. This will determine the air pollution, and in addition device is going to collect information on how the user uses the mask by controlling its number of breaths or the time it is worn. The mask will be able to be connected to a mobile application that will show data on air pollution in a specific area as well as current weather information. We do not know when such a mask will appear on the market, because so far Xiaomi only patented the idea.