The Chinese city Wuhan was quarantined after people found there a case of an unusual, previously unheard of 2019-nCoV virus that probably entered to human body for the first time after consuming stale seafood. Symptoms of infection are similar to standard flu. The Chinese government does not want the virus to spread to other areas, hence public transport was suspended in Wuhan and most of the city's residents cannot leave their place of residence during quarantine. Help to Wuhan comes from various industries and one of such actions was also carried out by Xiaomi.

The Chinese manufacturer has published on the Weibo portal an information that the first batch of medical masks and thermometers for city residents is already in transport and it's coming to Wuhan. Subsequent parcels will be sent to Wuhan over time. The value of equipment that has already been dispatched or will be sent by Xiaomi to Wuhan in the next few hours is valued for approximately 43250 of dollars.