Xiaomi is pursuing an increasingly bolder policy compared to other companies. The Chinese company took many markets around the world by storm, where in many respects the company was a kind of precursor. By far the greatest asset of this manufacturer's products is the excellent price and quality ratio of the purchased units, but also in the nearest future purchase of Xiaomi's products can become extremely easy. Firm from China has implemented in one of the premises in India a solution called Mi Express Kiosks, which allows you to buy the device through the machine in a similar way as buying sweets.

Using the machine is extremely simple. At first, you need to choose the device you want to buy, then settle the payment, and at the end machine will dump the purchased product. Machine will handle payments by both cash and cards. From an economic point of view, it is a great solution that allows the producer to reduce costs of people's employment and of maintaining their shops. In the nearest future, Xiaomi wants to open 50 such points, and if people will like this solution, then probably this type of machines will also appear in other countries.