The increased server load on YouTube resulting from the coronavirus pandemic forced site owners to set limits on the quality of the videos played on portal. Google has decided that by default YouTube videos will be played in 480p quality, but of course users can later change this option manually. YouTube has promised to make some changes to its mobile application that will allow users to change the quality of recordings more easily and it looks like the company will keep its word.

In the YouTube application code for Android in version 15.12.33 you can find some information about implementation of the new solution, which will allow users to specify the default video quality that application should run. Users will be given the option to set a default quality regardless of the type of connection, and there will be two additional options that will allow you to specify the quality of recordings depending on the way of Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network). For now, new options are not fully available to all users, but it is a matter of time until they become available globally.