As announced, an official Apple conference took place several dozen hours ago. We got to know a lot of new electronics there and one of the hottest premieres was the AirPods 3 presentation.

Big changes can be seen in the design of the earphones, which in the new version quite resemble the well-known AirPods Pro. The AirPods 3 headphones, on the other hand, are not in-ear, but they are earbuds, which is the main difference to the appearance of the AirPods Pro. In terms of specifications, these earphones will support the spatial audio function, which allows you to hear surround sound. The headphones, however, did not receive active noise reduction, which is a feature that AirPods Pro headphones are famous for all the time. The headphones are designed to last up to 6 hours on a single charge. Apple also boasted that the company's new earphones will be waterproof, but so far we have not learned more details about this feature. AirPods 3 earphones will cost 129$.