Some of upcoming iPhone models will almost certainly feature USB-C ports instead of the current Lightning ports. However, we do not know when exactly these changes will be introduced to Apple devices, so for the time being, most users are still waiting for the changes to be introduced. We are talking about the majority, because the engineer Ken Pillonel has once again modified the Apple hardware and created a unique unit on a global scale.

We are talking about AirPods earphones. In the Pillonel version of the earphones, the AirPods supported the USB-C connector instead of the Lightning port. In order to develop such a solution, he was forced to create a completely new charging case for earphones. This is another modification of Apple hardware in terms of USB-C port support. In the past, Ken Pillonel also created an iPhone X that supports USB-C, and he also undertook a modification of the Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone that after making the changes supported the Lightning port instead of the USB-C input.