As we well know, Huawei's initial problems in the United States later translated into the imposition of bans on cooperation with Huawei in other countries. Recently, the Swedish government has banned a Chinese manufacturer from supplying 5G equipment to its country. The heads of some Swedish companies didn't like it. Moreover, some representatives of Swedish companies have spoken on this matter. The ban on the supply of 5G equipment by Huawei to Sweden is not a good decision for representatives of Ericsson, and they say about it frankly.

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm said in an interview that the decision is a restriction on free trade and fair competition. In his opinion, this ban will also delay the introduction of 5G in the country. As Ekholm himself emphasizes, it is very important from the company's perspective that firms have a free hand when it comes to choosing partners for cooperation. This reaction is obviously not accidental, as Ericsson has recently been very active in the mobile market in China. The Swedish company managed to sign three large contracts in China for the supply of radio equipment for the 5G network.