The Forerunner watch series from Garmin is designed mainly for runners. The latest two models presented by this manufacturer, i.e. Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265, will be distinguished by a screen of much better quality compared to their predecessors.

Both watches boast a full-color AMOLED screen that will also be able to work in Always-On Display mode. The main model, i.e. the Garmin 965 Forerunner, received new options in the form of, among other things, the addition of a Training Load Ratio that allows you to control the effort during training and tries to suggest the user's training level in order to maintain an even pace of exercise. The quality of training will also be ensured by the new ClimbPro function, which will help the user manage the effort during training, taking into account the elevations on the routes. Model 265 has been prepared for less demanding athletes, because this equipment has basic sensors to monitor training. A new feature is the ability to measure your maximal oxygen consumption during training. The 265 model will be available in two sizes - 42mm and 46mm, while the main 965 line will have a single size variant (47mm).