Apple will likely continue its policy of updating the smartphone model called SE. For this reason, we can expect that the new iPhone SE model will appear on the market every 2 years. This state of affairs indicates that the renewed version of the iPhone SE will appear on the market this year. The latest leaks indicate, however, that customers should not expect too big changes compared to the previous variant of this smartphone.

iPhone SE from 2022 is to receive an almost unchanged design. Apple is also not planning to use FaceID in it. The main change compared to the 2020 model is to add support for 5G connectivity. The model from 2024 will probably bring more changes to the SE series. At this time, Apple plans to release the iPhone SE with a completely new design, which will resemble the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, but with a slightly smaller screen size. In addition, the 2024 iPhone SE will likely receive a fingerprint reader built into the power button on the side of the phone. This solution is already used by Apple in the latest iPad Air.