There has been some confusion on the Internet from some time about the introduction of new rules on some social media. One of the examples are Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook, as the owner of the WhatsApp application, has already announced to its customers a dozen or so days ago that in order to continue using the WhatsApp application it will be necessary to accept new rules regarding the privacy policy. When entering the application, the clients were displayed a message indicating that they had time to do so by 8th of February. Ultimately, however, Facebook decided to postpone this date.

According to the latest information, the deadline for the final approval of the new rules has been postponed to 15th of May. This decision is officially explained by the fact that customers will have more time to learn about the new rules and users will be able to safely decide whether they want to continue using WhatsApp after the changes. The owners of the application emphasize that the conversations will remain private all the time and they will be encrypted, and the data that will be transferred to the Facebook application is to mainly concern business details such as purchase history through the application.