Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 13 series, some users started reporting issues with the screens of new Apple's phones. The screens on some new iPhones turned pink. This problem appeared after performing random actions on the phone, so from the very beginning Apple assumed that the problem was due to the components used in the phones. For this reason, the company replaced users with new phones or replaced motherboards in the case of iPhones with a problem. After a few months, however, it turns out that this problem was not caused by hardware flaws.

After research, it turned out that the problem was caused by defective software. For this reason, Apple has stopped replacing parts in the smartphones of users reporting the problem, and the company has announced that this problem will be resolved with the release of new versions of iOS. At the moment, Apple announces that iOS version 15.3 will solve the problem with the emerging pink screen. The new version of the system in the stable version should reach users within the next few days.