In addition to dominating the social media market, Facebook is slowly preparing to launch its proprietary equipment. Journalists indicate that Facebook is in the process of working on the creation of the company's original smartwatch.

By default, the original Facebook smartwatch would run on Android developed by Google, which will be available in an open source version, while Facebook is also thinking about creating its own system for the future. The smartwatch itself would be closely related to all social networking applications owned by Facebook. By this we can assume that firm thinks about Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram or the flagship Facebook. This smartwatch would allow to easily reply to messages sent by our friends on these apps, but also Facebook would like to use it to control the health of its users. Information appears that Facebook would like to combine the smartwatch with applications such as Peloton Interactive. However, we will have to wait a while for the verification of this information, because Facebook's smartwatch should not appear on the market earlier than 2022.