Using the Google Assistant with voice commands has been available for some time on Android smartphones, but Google is constantly working on developing this feature. The latest changes are to allow users to use the Assistant more easily. From now on, Google is to allow recipients to use the Assistant in certain situations without the need to invoke it at the very beginning of the command with the phrase "Hey Google".

The upgrade will be called "Quick Phrases" and will allow you to respond quickly to incoming calls or when an alarm is triggered on the phone. Then, after granting the appropriate permission, the Assistant will be able to react to the command issued without the phrase "Hey, Google" at the very beginning. After the changes made, to start or reject an incoming call, you only need one word and the phone will perform this action. The operation of the function, however, is not yet fully refined, hence Google warns that commands said also by people in our vicinity may accidentally affect the operation of the Assistant. This feature is now available in the latest beta of Android 12 and the latest version of the Google app.