With many smartwatches, their main flaw is runtime on a single charge. The new equipment presented by Huawei should not have a major problem with this aspect of working. It's about the Watch GT 3 Pro.

Huawei releases its latest smartwatch in two versions. They differ in size - 46mm and 43mm variants are available to choose from. In addition, it is worth noting that the 46mm variant has a titanium construction, while the 43mm option is distinguished by a ceramic construction. The technical specification of both variants, however, is almost the same. The watch has built-in sensors used to read the heart rate or body temperature of the user. In addition, the GT 3 Pro has a rotating crown that will allow you to control the equipment, including the possibility of completely turning it off. The most important aspect of this watch, however, is the battery operation, which in the case of the titanium variant is to allow two weeks of work on a single charge, while the ceramic option is to allow the user to use the watch for 7 days on a single charge. The 43mm variant is expected to start at 299.99 pounds, while the 46mm option will cost 429.99 pounds.