Apple has officially released the new version of iOS 14.5 for phones. In addition, for owners of Apple devices, the iPad OS update to version 14.5 and watchOS to version 7.4 has also been released. The latest version of iOS introduces major changes to user privacy.

The most important change is the addition of the App Tracking Transparency feature. As part of its operation, users can define which applications can track user activity. Without the appropriate consent, applications will not be able to track users' activity, so from now on, applications will have to display an appropriate message asking for consent to collect information from the user. In addition, with the update of iOS to version 14.5, Apple gives users the ability to unlock the phone with the Apple Watch, which will be very helpful when wearing a mask. The watch will recognize that it is on the hand of the owner of the phone, and then the iPhone will be unlocked automatically. In addition, from now on, users will be able to set any music and podcast player on their phone as default. The full list of changes has been posted on the manufacturer's website.