Netflix has officially started making games available to its customers, but these are largely mobile games. These are uncomplicated productions, but the company known so far mainly from video streaming also plans to strengthen its position on the computer games market by releasing a full-fledged AAA production.

According to the announcements, the new project was assigned to the newly formed team from Los Angeles. The former creators of Overwatch were employed in it, headed by Chacko Sonny, who was the executive producer of the project at the time. Netflix has announced that it is looking for employees for many positions related to the creation of a full-fledged computer game. The list of open positions included, among others, game director, lead engineer or technical director of the project. The game itself will probably be an adaptation of one of Netflix's video productions and everything indicates that it will be an action RPG game using the Unreal Engine. It will probably be a version 5 of this engine.