For about a week, owners of Apple equipment can enjoy the new features available for them in the Apple Music application, which were announced at the WWDC 2021 event. It is about support for music in Spatial and Loseless quality, which then went to Apple Music in the iOS version. After a short wait, Apple is releasing music in a new quality also for people using Apple Music on Android.

For now, access to Loseless and Spatial music is only available in the beta version of the application. To get access to it, you must join a special group of users via the appropriate link in the Google Play Store. The reviews so far regarding the sound quality using Dolby Atmos have been very positive, so many people who use Android will surely appreciate the quick delivery of new features for users with this system. So far, the library of songs supporting Spatial is quite limited, but what is clear, Apple announces that it will be gradually expanded.