Apple, resigning from the use of the x86 platform in processors for its laptops, decided to produce completely proprietary M series processors, which are based on the ARM architecture. Last year, MacBook laptops using the M2 processor appeared on the market, and 2023 will probably bring us another proprietary processor from Apple designed for laptops.

Probably in the summer we will get to know the new views of the MacBook Air series of laptops. It is these computers that will be the first to receive the new M3 processor. The M3 Pro and M3 Max variants will probably be used in computers only in 2024. There are many indications that the M3 processor will also be used in the new iPad Pro. New equipment will also be available to customers waiting for the new version of the iMac. iMac is also expected to use the M3 processor. In addition, Apple wants to strengthen the configuration of the Mac Pro, which from now on will be based on the M2 Ultra processor, but this computer will also support up to 192GB of RAM.